How Pinterest Analytics Can Help Your Brand

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media sites on the Internet. It is a site that is perfectly designed for the smartphone industry, using images that fit the size of the standard smartphone screen. It is also designed around images instead of text which are fun to look at on a mobile device. The whole concept of pinning images to a bulletin board gives the site a youthful connotation and works with visual memory instead of dry, dull text.

Using Pinterest to Build a Brand

If you are using a Pinterest to promote your brand, you have made a great choice. Pinterest is one of the best ways to promote your company through social media. While Facebook has been shown to help grow a company’s following, Pinterest is driving more sales through customer engagement.

Using Pinterest Analytics to Understand Performance

Pinterest for Business provides a set of analytics that gives you some insight as to how your marketing campaign is performing, however it is bare bones at best. To completely understand and control your Pinterest marketing campaign, a better choice is a third-party analytics company such as Unmetric.

While the analytics that are provided by Pinterest are a good starting place, they don’t allow the user to thoroughly dissect their account in order to maximize use of the platform. A company that focuses on analytics provides additional metrics for the activities that are taking place, and insight into the results. Metrics can also point out gaps in your campaign.


Metrics can detail which pins are getting the most engagement, which boards are the most popular and where followers are concentrating their time. These metrics can track pin performance, board performance and also lack of performance. They can offer valuable insights into directions your company can take, and help you gain inspiration from your competitors.

Using these metrics and insights, you can boost your brand’s engagement and achieve social and business objectives while driving traffic and conversions.

Pinterest Industry Focus

Pinterest has grown to this point in its history through a primarily female audience. The industries that do well on Pinterest are in the retail, fashion and food and beverage sectors.
However, Pinterest is currently looking for more ways to appeal to a male audience. If a company is in the previously mentioned industries, growing a Pinterest following will boost conversions from existing and new customers.

How to Use Pinterest

There are numerous best practices when it comes to using Pinterest as a driver for traffic and sales. A good Pinterest strategy combines several different types of campaigns. Through testing and Pinterest behavior analysis, you can determine the methods that work best for your audience.

Unmetric helps you monitor your competition and compare metrics like followers, Pins, Re-pins, Likes & Comments.

A good example of how Pinterest can boost social media and website traffic is the Kraft Recipes campaign. Kraft’s campaign featured a contest asking people to follow them on Pinterest, create a new dessert board and then pin desserts from their site on the board using the hashtag #kraftrecipes. This campaign resulted in a slew of new followers, increased traffic to their Pinterest account, website and products. This type of campaign is a clear win-win because users gained recipes while Kraft built their brand and reputation.

What Size Companies Use Third-Party Metrics

A company does not have to be Kraft-sized to benefit greatly from using a site like Unmetric. Detailed Pinterest business analysis can assist any size company in their marketing campaign. In fact, use of a tool that provides metrics in conjunction with a social media scheduling and management tool such as Hootsuite can give you a step up against the competition.

The growth potential from Pinterest is exponential. Implementing a system of scheduling pins based on the results of studying metrics can offer a game changing marketing strategy for your company that will pay off in continued conversions, sales and profits. Any investment made in third-party tools is easily paid back through the return in revenues driven from Pinterest. The bottom line is that if you want to make strides using a Pinterest account, investing the money in a third-party metrics tool is the way to go for any size company.

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