By Brandwatch

In-depth social analytics on over 300 sports teams across 16 major leagues

Increase your team’s sponsorship revenue and fan engagement on social

Get more sponsorship revenue

Identify new brand partnerships

Quickly shortlist potential prospects for activation deals from a list of successful brand partnerships across your league and city.

2018 has seen 2,512 brands across 35 industries create 27,109 pieces of sponsored content on Facebook in partnership with 300 teams across 16 leagues. That’s a lot of data to learn from what worked and what didn’t.

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Pitch leads with content ideas

Explore winning content ideas to include in your pitches by getting a quick insight into the ‘brand DNA’ of a potential sponsor.

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Demonstrate partnership value

Renew and grow existing brand partnerships by easily showcasing the branded content performance with automated reports that can be downloaded in minutes.

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Create more engaging content for your fans

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Analyze your content performance on social

See what worked and what didn’t across social networks. Tag content into thematic buckets to review performance and do more of what works.

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Discover popular topics

An insightful word cloud to see what’s trending among the sports teams within your league and city. The analysis includes keywords, hashtags, emojis to help you join the conversation or spot a whitespace.

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Compare performance with teams across leagues and cities

Get the inside scoop on how other sports teams are performing on social. Assess competitor strategy and benchmark performance to see how your content efforts stack up.

Save Time with Automated Reporting

DNA Report

Brand DNA Report

Pitch winning campaign ideas by getting a quick sense of what a potential sponsor talks about.

Sponsor Report

Sponsors Report

Keep partnerships alive by showcasing the performance of your sponsored content.

Performance Report

Performance Report

Get an analysis of how a team is performing or compare the social stats of multiple teams.

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