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Track the social media content of a custom set of brands as it happens

Track 100,000 Brand Profiles

We've covered the world's most popular brands for you. If a brand is missing we'll add it right away.

4 Major Social Networks

All the insights and data you need about your competition from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

For Mobiles and Command Centers

On the go or in the office, keep updated on what your competition is publishing and how they are performing.

Track Mobile lets you feel the pulse of your competition for free, in just 60 seconds

Get real-time brand intelligence everywhere you need it

Track was created to be the ultimate mobile app for marketers to stay on top of competitor content. A single newsfeed to track all your competitors tells you all you need to know in 60 seconds or less.

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Track Mobile Screen Shot
Track Mobile Screen Shot

Instant notifications when a brand you track does something unusual

Xia, Unmetric's powerful AI, monitors and analyzes hundreds of millions of pieces of content and is able to spot when something different from normal is happening. When it does, you'll be the first to know.

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Track all social profiles in one beautiful visual stream

It's like your Facebook newsfeed but just for brands. Never miss another competitor post again. Make it part of your morning commute routine and arrive at the office up to speed on what's happening in your industry.

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Unmetric Track is the perfect app to quickly visualize competitors’ content and campaigns. It’s essentially a newsfeed with Unmetric’s competitive intelligence capabilities.

Yuri Pereia, Global Social Media Strategist – Coca-Cola

Keep an eye on your competition in real-time and track their every move on social media

Track Command Center Screen Shot

A big & beautiful screen that becomes your digital watercooler

Stay on top of all branded content published by in-house teams and marketing partners across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Take the pulse of all the content being published in your industry and watch it spark new conversations with your team.

Track Command Center Screen Shot

Customize what you see with advanced filters

Toggle between multiple sets of competitors, choose the channels you want to monitor, and how many posts or days you need to keep an eye on. Track Command Center can be set up in the way that best fits into your existing command center and show only the brand content you want to see.

Track any live event and tap into what brands are saying

Follow a live-stream of content being published around any event that you want. Enter the hashtags to track and see which brands are getting involved and the engagement they generate.

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