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To 90s Kids, Picture this. The year is 2003. Kal Ho Na Ho has just released in the theatres. Takeshi's Castle is keeping kids glued to POGO. McDonald's has opened its first store in the neighborhood. And on MTV, 'Yaaron? by KK is topping every music chart ever. Everytime it comes on, you feel like forwarding a chain mail to all your friends containing emotional friendship quotes. Every year, on friendship day, you and your friends cannot help but play the song as you tie bands on each other's wrists. Life is good. Now fast forward to the year 2017. You're in the last year of your graduation. Last three months of your college are left. You're with your friends, in what in all likelihood will be your last concert together in North Campus. By this time, you're old enough to know that many of the friends you vowed to stay in touch with after school have been left behind. You know many more from college will gradually fade away too. But in the moment, as KK comes on stage, you forget all worries. As you put your arms around your friends, and sing along with the crowd, you believe in forevers once again. KK saves 'Yaaron? for the end. As he begins to sing, it's just you and the song, forever etched in your memory. It is one of the rare moments in which you're aware that you're making a memory while making it. The song ends, the lights fade and the crowd filters out. You stand there with your friends in a huddle, not knowing what tomorrow holds. There's laughter, nostalgia and trickles of tears. You stand there, long after the concert has come to an end, knowing that everytime the song comes on the radio, you'll travel through time and be young and alive again. . ~ Shruti Sonal (@shruti_writes) #HappyChildrensDay #terriblytinytales #ttt #microfiction #wordporn #words #wordgasm #writer #author #poet #poem #writing #amwriting #writersofinstagram #writersofig #poetsofinstagram #writerscommunity #writingcommunity #poetrycommunity #instapoet #storytelling #stories #story

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