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We believe in the power of yesterday to help inform tomorrow

Since 2012, we have been on a mission to help risk takers advance the future of their marketing insights, reporting, and creative processes by democratizing our archive of rich content data and proprietary artificial intelligence.

Rich content data and proprietary artificial intelligence are completely disrupting the insights and creative process. Where have we heard that before?

Netflix. The leading data-driven, risk-taking content creator.

If you are like us and have studied Netflix’s success, you too are fascinated and inspired by their data-driven, algorithmic approach to content creation that has completely disrupted the entertainment industry. It’s a proven formula powered by story engagement data from yesterday’s content that guides the inspiration and validation for the stories of tomorrow.

Wouldn’t access to data like that help to advance — and maybe even disrupt — the marketing industry?

We think so.

Unmetric has the story engagement data for the rest of us - for those of us that are eager to disrupt our own reporting, insights, and creative processes. With Unmetric, any data-driven risk taker can access custom content insights from trillions of engagement data points from the hundreds of millions of stories published to open social media platforms.

But our passion doesn’t stop there. Our drive to advance the lessons learned from the past is why we give back to those that share our values — like Wikipedia, the Wayback Machine, and other archivers of history who are protecting and democratizing lessons for the future.

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