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A deep dive into the social media habits and performance of KFC

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Currently it tracks 143 KFC social media profiles

Facebook Pages 86
Twitter Handles 20
Instagram Accounts 10
YouTube Channels 23
LinkedIn Accounts 2

Kentucky Fried Chicken isn’t just famous for their finger lickin good buckets of wings, what we love about them is their genius social media strategy. In terms of both content and metrics, the brand leads the QSR industry. Here is an analysis and snapshot of their social media performance.

Overview of KFC's Social Media Stats

A topline look at a few of KFC’s key metrics


  • Total Fans42,085,449
  • Fans Gained9,118
  • Fans Growth0.02%


  • Tweets17
  • Proactive


  • Avg. Engagement819
  • Likes159,142
  • Comments1,239

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Omri Duek Manager, North America Social Center

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KFC Social Media Analysis Report

At Unmetric, we've got more than just top line metrics, Here is an in-depth data study you might be interested in.

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