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Frequently Asked Questions About Unmetric Analyze

What exactly is Unmetric?

Unmetric is a social media intelligence platform used by Fortune 500 companies, large global brands, mid-sized national brands and digital agencies seeking inspiration for creative campaigns across social channels; better insights into what works; and to stay on top of what competitors say and do. Our exclusive focus on brands differentiates us from social listening and publishing platforms.

“Unmetric has great detail in its benchmarking data. The industry analysis is pretty unique and the alerts are a must have.”
Alex Coley - formerly Technical Strategist of eModeration

What social networks do you currently support? Will you add XYZ social network for me?

We currently track and analyze data from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. We plan to add new networks based on client demand.

Do you provide social media data on my competitors or other brands in my industry?

Yes, Unmetric is used by many of our clients for social media competitive intelligence. We take the data from the Application Programming Interface (API) that is provided by the social networks and add our own filters and algorithms to give you an idea of how your competitors are performing and how your industry at large is doing.

“Where competitive analysis used to be a tedious, pain process - Unmetric has made it simple to get a great pulse on competitive performance in a matter of minutes.”
Christopher Brown - Story Worldwide

Can I analyze my Facebook Insights data in Unmetric?

Yes, you can simply connect your Brand's Facebook Page to the Unmetric platform. Dive deep into Insights of your owned pages within the same Facebook module. It's easy, insightful and importantly, saves you a lot of time with detailed metrics at your fingertips.

How does Unmetric help my content creation efforts?

Unmetric helps you on three levels. First there is the daily inspiration that you need to create fresh, engaging content. Using Inspire, you can search through over 150 million pieces of brand content for any keyword and in any language. Secondly, Unmetric tracks the content strategies of brands on Facebook to tell you the type of content that resonates best in your industry. Finally, our leaderboards show you the top content and campaigns from each industry for you to understand what's working for others.

Who can benefit from using Unmetric?

Unmetric is for any brand or agency that is looking to get a competitive edge in social media, create better content, benchmark performance and optimize campaigns. If you are already spending money on listening and publishing tools, Unmetric is the final piece in the puzzle to complete your social workflow. It is also a great platform for agencies that handle the social media accounts of multiple brands across various industries.

How is an agency pricing plan different?

We understand that agencies have very different requirements than brands and often need to switch between pitching new business and executing for clients while keeping an eye on upfront costs. The agency model works on a pay-as-you-go basis with a small upfront cost, and you are only charged when you add brands to analyze.

If you wish to analyze a brand on Facebook it costs one UnIQ (pronounced Unique) which is valid for seven days. If the brand is kept in the Facebook dashboard after seven days, the user will be charged an additional UnIQ. To analyze a brand across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube will cost three UnIQs, if these brands are kept in the dashboards for three weeks, it will cost a total of nine UnIQs.

I'm a brand, but I think the agency pricing plan is more suitable for me, can I use that instead?

The agency model has been built with the specific requirements of agencies in mind which have a constantly changing requirement when it comes to brands to analyze. The brand model is optimized for how a brand uses the platform which typically sees less churn in terms of switching between brands to monitor.

How does the unlimited users plan work?

There is a primary account (or set of accounts, depending on the contract type) and the user who controls the primary account can add unlimited buddy users who can log in to the full version of the platform. The only restriction is that buddy users can't add or remove brands to analyze.

Can I pay on a month-by-month basis?

Normally the contract is for 12 months, but please use the contact form to see if something can be arranged to meet your requirements.

What post-sale support do you offer?

Post-sale support is based on the pricing plan selected. For Pro accounts you get email support, for Pro+ and Premium accounts you get email and telephone support. All client emails are responded to within 24 hours. The Agency pricing model also features both email and telephone support as well.

“We get very fast response times from the guys at Unmetric with every one of our requests.”
Stavros Kontaktsis - Avakon+

What if a brand I need isn't in the database?

There are handy forms within the platform that you can use to request new brands be added. You can even suggest new Facebook apps from a brand page that we can track for you.

Can you get historical data for a brand?

We provide over 3 years of historical data for many social profiles across platforms. Specifically for Facebook and Twitter social profiles where we do not have enough historical data, we can acquire it.

Will you add XYZ feature for me?

Many Unmetric features came about from our clients' feedback and suggestions. As we strive to provide the best social media intelligence platform available to brands and digital agencies, we consider all feature requests and add those with enough user interest to the product roadmap.

“Unmetric is also continually upgrading their services and enhancing their products, so this is very beneficial to customers.”
Melvin Leong - Changi Airport

Can I download reports on Unmetric or will you create reports for me?

All Unmetric data is available to download in the form of charts and easy to digest visual formats. If you require Unmetric's team of social media analysts to do some deeper dives for you and create reports, please get in touch, and we will walk you through our custom services.

“Pulling competitive reporting in Unmetric is very easy. Unmetric is intuitive and automatically completes a series of analysis and graphs.”
Rohan Thadani - Havas Worldwide

What is the Unmetric Score?

The Unmetric Score is a weighted and balanced benchmarkable score that takes into account various qualitative and quantitative metrics. It gives a snapshot of a brand's performance over the past month.

What is the Engagement Score?

The Engagement Score is a weighted calculation of the number of interactions a piece of content gets. It's known that only a certain percentage of fans or followers will see your content, and the Unmetric Engagement score takes this into account. Other companies calculate engagement as a percentage of total interactions or even just a simple summation of interactions, but Unmetric believes that a Share or Comment is more valuable than a Like and hence are weighted higher. And because different brands look at social media differently, we allow you to customize the weighting of the Engagement Score so that it can align more closely with your business building initiatives.

“It was immediately apparent that Unmetric put a great deal of thought into the output associated with the data set.”
Chrissy Stanojev - MRM/McCann

Do you have paid post detection?

Yes, we offer promoted tweet detection within the platform which automatically identifies and tags promoted tweets with an "Ads" label. For promoted post detection, we offer an add on service that can detect which posts have been promoted by a page with a 96% accuracy. You will receive weekly reports on which posts have been promoted by the brands you are monitoring along with a comprehensive report at the end of each month. Speak to our customer success team to find out more about this.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, credit card billing is available and our sales team can help set this up for you.

Do you have content and campaign intel in ____ language?

Currently content & campaign intelligence is only available in English. Speak to our sales team to find out the future status of content & campaign intelligence in other languages. We have also developed Inspire, the first ever social media search engine for brand content which works across all languages.

Can I get a Pro account with more historical data?

Yes, please let us know your requirements so we can guide you through your options for obtaining more historical data.

Can I define my industry?

Yes, you can create a custom industry and benchmark your social media performance against the brands that matter to you.

Can I benchmark exclusively against brands in my region?

Yes, you have the option to benchmark your metrics against brands specifically in your region. You can also create custom industries to include all the brands that matter to you to create more tailored benchmarks.

“I really like the ease of use in the tool and industry / category benchmarks”
Emily Sobol - Ipsos SMX

Do you have region-specific pricing for areas outside the United States?

Yes, please let us know which region you are in and we will be able to give you more information about this.

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