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In-depth social analytics on over 100,000 brands across top social networks

Owned & Competitive Social Analytics

Measure your brand’s social media performance and see how it stacks up against other pharmaceutical companies.

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Take Action by Focusing on Insights

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The ability to see competitors campaigns and engagement lends itself to truly valuable insight.

– Jennifer Stafford, Social Media Manager

See which Posts your competitors are putting money behind

Our algorithms identify which content your competitors are sponsoring. With this information, you’ll always know where they’re focusing efforts.

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Access any brand's Facebook Reach and Impressions

Worried your competitors are getting more reach than you? With Unmetric Analyze, you’ll know for sure. Access Reach data on both Post and Page level.

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Find out how your content efforts stack up

We’ll show you which of your competitors are getting more interactions in comparison to the volume of content.

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Compare performance with that of your industry

Benchmarking gives context to your data and helps make sense of where you stand in your industry. Within Unmetric Analyze you’ll be able to access benchmarks for multiple metrics.

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Save Time with Automated Reporting

Cross-Channel Reports

Get reports that present performance across social networks.

One-Click Downloads

Download professionally formatted reports at the click of a button.

Configure & Customize

All reports are fully editable so you can make changes as required.

Email Inbox Delivery

Need a weekly review report every Monday? No problem! We’ll simply email it to you.

The ease and speed at which our strategists and analysts are able to pull data is beyond any other social analytics tool we’ve used.

– Matt Schultz, Senior Manager, Social

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Choose from PowerPoint, Excel or CSV formats for your reports and pull an in-depth performance as far back as 2012.

Stay Ahead with Competitive Intelligence

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What separates Unmetric Analyze from many others, however, is the pre-written 'insights' and 'highlights' attached to most graphs, which auto-magically find significant outliers and display them in plain English.

Omri Duek, Manager, North America Social Center

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Strategize better with human-tagged campaign intelligence

Unmetric’s human analysts tag campaigns so you can learn from what has worked in the past. See what worked in the past to build future campaigns.

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Learn from top performers in your industry

We’ll help identify the leaders in your industry and show what they did right. You can even access insights on top content, hashtags, and influencers.

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Keep track of when competitors do something out of the ordinary

As soon as we detect any unusual activity on your competitors’ social profiles, we’ll send an instant notification. You’ll alway be informed of their strategy and be ready to counter it.

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Improve content strategy by leveraging keyword-based share of voice

Want to know how much engagement competitors are getting around a specific topic? Simply search for a keyword and we’ll filter the content and give you the share of voice split.


Assess competitor strategy and performance

Are they running more campaigns than your brand? Do they reply faster to complaints? Unmetric Analyze will give you the inside scoop on what competitors are doing.

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Measure owned efforts across social networks

See what worked and what didn’t. Find all your data and metrics in one place. We’ll help you quantitatively evaluate strategy.

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Download professionally formatted reports in seconds

Our automated reporting feature will reduce the time spent on manually compiling data. With a single click, you’ll be ready for the next social media performance review meeting.

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Identify industry leaders and the best performers

Go further and monitor more than just your competitors. Find out who in your industry is doing better than the rest and see what content gets best engagement.

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Unique Pricing Model

Flexible plans for brands and agencies. No Audience size restrictions. Unlimited users.

Human Powered Analysis

Our team of human analysts go through thousands of brand posts to give data a qualitative edge.

API Access

Feed Unmetric’s competitive intelligence into your in-house tools or dashboards with our API.

Dedicated Client Service

We’ll make you comfortable with the platform and ensure your business goals are met.

Historical Data from 2012

Get years of historical data for over 50,000 brands and learn from what worked in the past.

Facebook Insights

Plug in your Facebook Insights into Unmetric Analyze and access all your data in one place.

Our Partners

We partner with leading marketing products to ensure all your social media efforts are streamlined.

  • Salesforce
  • Kantar Media
  • Brandwatch
  • Oracle
  • Hootsuite
  • Percolate

Plans start at $1,000/month

Email us at [email protected] for customized pricing.

All plans include:

  • Data from All Major Social Networks

  • No Restriction on Audience Size

  • Unlimited Users

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