5 ways to size up brand conversations on Twitter

Twitter is an unparalleled marketing tool for brands. In 140 characters, content on Twitter is a great example of microcontent having macro impact on what regular folks talk about. However, like many social media platforms – Twitter has its quirks. Among them is one feature that offers brands the ability to leverage and plug into the steady stream of conversations on the twitter-verse – Hashtags.

At Unmetric, we recently launched an exciting revamp of our Twitter Module. Beside key features such as Engagement scores for tweets and enhanced customer service metrics, we also introduced Hashtag Analytics. Let’s take a look at a couple of ways our Hashtag Analytics enables brands to size up conversations on Twitter.

Compare and Discover Hashtags Used By Different Brands

What hashtags are competing brands using? And how frequently are they using such hashtags? These are the nuggets of discovery that allow you to hone in on the content strategy of different brands.

Additionally, on the Unmetric platform, users can also discover the top hashtags among competing brands in a given time period. This feature shows you the hashtags that resonate the most among your target audience.

Quantify Hashtag Engagement

How well are individual brand hashtags performing on Twitter? With a glance at the average engagement score of brand hashtags, users can evaluate how specific hashtags perform compared to each other.

Deep Dive Into Frequency of Hashtag Use

Brands often introduce new hashtags or re-use an existing ones – but you know what really makes a popular hashtag take off? The number of Twitter users who tweet the hashtag. With a dissected view of the number of times brand tweets and user tweets mention each brand hashtag, using this metric one can really discover hashtags that are driving conversations and how.

Visualize Longevity of Brand Hashtags

So a brand tweeted a hashtag – And then… Did it catch on fire? How long did it last? Did its end come slowly or fast only to rise again a few days later?
By viewing the spread of different brand hashtags over time, users can evaluate the longevity of brand conversations around a specific hashtag and related events.

Assess Tone and Sentiment of Tweets with Hashtags

Now you know not just the brand hashtags that are really dominating conversations on Twitter, but also how, why and for how long. There remains one more nugget of insight that Unmetric’s Hashtag Analytics offers – what people are actually saying when they use different brand hashtags thus providing an overall context for brand conversations.

By eyeballing the stream of tweets with a brand’s hashtags, users can gauge the tone and sentiment of conversations on Twitter where brand hashtags make their presence felt.

Unmetric’s Hashtag Analytics goes beyond providing mere numbers or charts. What it truly does is show our users the stories, narratives and relationships that brands construct on Twitter as an extension of their social media strategy. Check out for more insights in our ‘Continuing Innovation’ series. In the meantime, drop us a line @unmetric with your favourite #Hashtag story and Sign up for a free trial here.