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Promoted Post Detection on Facebook

We’ll help you follow the money trail and find out which Facebook Posts are promoted.

With organic reach decreasing by the day on Facebook, paid social seems to be one of the easiest ways for any brand to be heard. Knowing what your competitors want their audience to see can help you build your own social strategy. The chart shows the engagement of a brand on Facebook over the course of a month. The four clear spikes in engagement could be the result of some excellent content, or it could be the result of a paid push from the brand. You might have a hunch, but can you really be sure? We’ll help you confirm. Unmetric’s promoted post detection pulls back the curtain on the paid social strategy of 50,000+ brands on social media.

Why should you know which content has been boosted?

Refine Content Strategy

Identify content that organically went viral as opposed to paid promotions. Once you know the type of content that works with your Fans, you can feed that back into your content creation.

Justify Facebook Budget

Knowing how much effort your competitors are putting into ads will help you negotiate your own budget with the senior management.

Improve Promotion Strategy

Based on the engagement of the posts that your competitors are promoting, you can tweak your own promotion strategy. You’ll know which posts to promote and which not to.

Don’t forget, you can also use promoted Posts data in competitive audits, monthly performance reviews and in marketing strategy changes.

How Does Promoted Post Detection Work?

Promoted Paid

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Unmetric’s promoted post detection pulls back the curtain on the paid social strategy of 40,000+ brands on social media.