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The Best of YouTube Analytics

Vikas Bysani

Vikas Bysani

Three hundred videos are uploaded to YouTube every single minute, available to more than 1 billion YouTube users in 75 countries and in 61 languages. Talk about a global reach. Those interested in measuring the marketability of YouTube videos utilize YouTube Analytics, which creates detailed reports of user statistics. Simpler than the predecessor of YouTube Insight analysis, YouTube Analytics offers a plethora of new functions that are on par with the tool Google Analytics.

YouTube Analytics Metrics and Insights

The main purpose of YouTube analysis tools is to measure how effective video marketing efforts are through traffic monitoring. But if you stop at that you are missing out on some outstanding offerings of this program:

  • Views
  • Subscribers and Shares
  • Audience Retention

Views offers a lot more than just the view count for individual videos and total views. Utilize this tool for comparing how many unique views, in relation to total views, you have for individual videos. This provides an in-depth understanding of your marketing efforts and retention rate. You can also evaluate views according to date range, which is useful for identifying slow periods or spikes in viewership, in relation to your marketing campaign.


Subscribers and Shares beats out the Engagement metric in that viewers who are willing to subscribe, aka an inbound lead, or share your information are your target audience and customer. Audience Retention gives you a look at how long your viewers watched your individual videos. A large number of viewers clicking off of your videos after a few seconds? Perhaps you have the videos mis-titled or the videos simply aren’t up to par. You’ll notice viral videos as those with repeat views, a clear sign you are on the right track.



3rd Party Companies Offering YouTube Analytics Tools

While YouTube Analytics provide a good start for YouTube application analysis this isn’t the only way you can evaluate your video marketing efforts. Third party companies offer a reliable and rich method for analyzing your YouTube viewership. Unmetric offers marketers deep dive Youtube analytics. Unlike YouTube, Unmetric is focused on social media intelligence.

Why choose a 3rd party provider?

If you want more than just the bare bones stats, then go with a data analysis firm that specializes in finding the missing links between numbers and percentages and what these mean. Unmetric, for example, provides a bridge from facts to how this applies to your company’s needs. Rather than simply giving you numbers and leaving you to figure out what they translate into qualitative measures, Unmetric takes any YouTube page analysis tool and expands upon it.

Business Uses of YouTube Advertising Analysis

If you have a small business or a global corporation you stand to gain from the use of in-depth analysis of 3rd party analysis companies. For a smaller company you can utilize the analysis to aid in smart growth for your business. Meanwhile larger companies operating on a global scale use these analytics daily to understand how they relate to their competition.

Metrics and insights provided by 3rd party analytics give your business the ability to boost your brand engagement on a useful scale. By improving your social ROI with online media you expand your marketing capabilities in a streamlined and cost effective manner. For businesses that want to monitor the competition, YouTube analysis via 3rd party companies, such as Unmetric, allow you to see where you rank according to the type of media they share on YouTube. For example, you can see how you compare in aspects of:

  • Ad campaigns
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Events
  • Special offers


Unmetric allows you to choose from over 30,000 brands and put them head to head against each other to give marketers both a detailed and overall understanding of where their brand stands.

Find out where your company is falling behind, and make instantaneous improvements to your YouTube advertising campaign. If you aren’t showing any activity in a few categories, then you can see where you need to step up your social efforts. Those businesses in the tech, retail, food, beverage, apparel, insurance, sports, electronics, restaurants, travel, transportation, toys, entertainment, and shipping are ideal candidates for the application of YouTube Analytics.

Unmetric provides benchmark able data, helping you understand where a brand stands according to its industry.


Budweiser’s video view growth rate is close to 3 times the industry average.

“Thank You Mom” Ad Campaign

In the popular “Thank you Mom,” campaign for the Sochi Olympics, YouTube Analytics were useful for planning and execution of the promotion. This campaign is part of a multi-year ad campaign by the conglomerate of product distribution, Proctor and Gamble (P&G). Starting in 2012 the “Thank You Mom” videos hit the air and appealed to the masses. Following the video commercials viewers were asked to send their moms a “thank you” via text message, a phone call or social media. The message spread like wildfire.

As noted by Forbes the hit ad campaign by P&G was such a success that it won an Emmy Award for its efforts, as well as receiving 10 million views in 10 days, for more than 17 million views overall. Businesses who take their YouTube video production seriously and expand upon it through the use of evaluation YouTube Analytics stand to gain in reputation, brand establishment and overall ROI. Through the use of social media, P&G were able to spread their video via all channels from YouTube through to Facebook, Twitter and online news sources. By keeping an up to the minute analysis of the results of their efforts the marketing team working the campaign was able to target any viral video usage and amplify that on the spot.


Close 10 million views in just the first 10 days


Moving Forward with YouTube Analysis

Back when print ads and newspapers were the main source of marketing it was nearly impossible to gain a clear understanding of a promotion for weeks or months at a time. After all, the ROI of a print campaign was noted in an increase in sales. Today with the use of YouTube businesses can post videos daily that are used for advertising or personal brand efforts. These videos are either shared through the brand or by use of paid advertisement. Given that billions of videos are watched every single day potential customers are most likely to be exposed to your brand in this capacity.

Forget TV commercials, and magazine ad space is becoming less premium by the minute. Social media and online marketing are the place to be for your business’s marketing needs. Now with the use of 3rd party YouTube Analytics like Unmetric you can bridge the gap between the number of users and clicks your videos are receiving with the quantitative efforts of understanding your target audience. Expand your horizons and elevate your brand with the use of YouTube advertising analysis.