mlb infographic

How MLB teams worked with brands on social media in the 2018 season

We analyzed the stats around some of the top performing branded content published during the 2018 season by MLB teams in partnership with brands on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using our Unmetric Sports platform and distilled our findings in an infographic format.

Here are some of the key findings from analyzing the branded content posts around the 2018 MLB season:

  • Branded posts with videos saw almost twice the amount of interactions than content with just images.
  • 80% of MLB Teams chose to partner with Mophie as a Brand Partner on Facebook for the 2018 season.
  • Twitter was the most preferred social media platform used by the teams.
  • 68% of the engagement during the season came from Instagram which saw 4X more engagement than on Facebook and Twitter.

Read through the infographic for more insights on how MLB teams engage their fans during the 2018 season.

MLB Infographic